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As we know that Covid 19 is the biggest challenges globally this has been spread in each and every part of the World including India. Due to Covid 19, Lacs of people died and millions of people effected from this. This is the biggest problem which entire World is facing at present. Due to this, Our Country has been kept in Lockdown since a month by the Govt. of India. Due to Lockdown millions of people got effected and unemployed and on the verge of starvation.

The major precaution from Covid 19 is to maintain Social Distance and wearing Masks.
Hence, It is required for CSO/NGO to spread awareness among common people about the Covid 19.

In this way, Bhartiya Lok Kalyan Sansthan has done no. of activities in order to bring complete awareness among the common masses involving it’s own sources and manpower. The basic objectives of Bhartiya Lok Kalyan Sansthan was to spread IEC/BCC message as much as possible so that Common masses would be much aware about the Covid 19 and they would be able to take precaution action and would be safe from Covid 19 including their family.

Since the period of April, 2020, Bhartiya Lok Kalyan Sansthan has been been working in 130 Blocks of all 24 Districts of Jharkhand State using our own resources and under the valuable guidance of Dept. of Rural Development, Govt. of Jharkhand and UNICEF. The prime sector of our intervention area is IEC/SBCC activities, Masks Distribution, Organizing Meeting with maintaining social distance, Meeting with PRI members, Meeting with Key Functionaries, Distribution of Dry Rations, Supporting Govt. Officials in Birsa Harit Gram Yojana, MGNREGA, Baseline Survey and Skill Mapping of Migrants and many other areas.

We are also the Mother NGOs of Simdega District and trying our level best to coordinate with all CSOs Partners and Govt. Counterparts. Under the guidance of Dept. of Rural Development, Govt. of Jharkhand and UNICEF and with the coordination of all CSOs Partners and Govt. Stakeholders, we have been executing different activities of Covid 19 for the welfare of people and community and also supporting in the better implementation of Govt. Schemes like MGNREGA, Birsa Harit Gram Yojana (BHGY) and many others.

Coverage of Geographical Area and Activities Intervention:

S.N. Particular Details
1 Total No. of Districts 24
2 Total No. of Blocks 130
3 Total No. of Panchayats 1576
4 Total No. of Villages 7415
5 Total No. of Families Covered 91901
6 Total No. of Male Covered 213508
7 Total No. of Females Covered 253614
8 Total Volunteers engaged 269
9 Total No. of Wall Writing 5078
10 Distribution of No. of Pamplets 6632
11 Total No. of Miking 2114
12 Total No. of Small Meeting 2924
13 Total No. of Posters/Hoardings 2821
14 Total Mobile Messages 7327
15 Total Aarogaya Setu App Downloaded 5703
16 Total Face Safety Masks Distribution 13313
17 Total Hand Gloves Distribution 13247
18 Total No. of People covered with Psycho Social Counselling 8344
19 Total no. of affected families /vulnerable families identified 9248
20 Total No. of effected families with Dry Rations Distribution 7625
21 Total No. of Children with Dry Rations Distribution 7229
22 Sources of Fund of Activities Own Sources

List of Districts and Blocks where Bhartiya Lok Kalyan Sansthan is intervening
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