To establish a society where people live with dignity and self-reliance without any discrimination.


Empowering the poor by providing sustainable livelihood opportunities and building strong grassroots level institutions.


S.N. Name
1. To unite and abolish caste creed and color discrimination in the Society.
2. To educate people and make them self-reliable.
3. To ensure health awareness & quality health services.
4. To empower women, youth, adolescent and Children.
5. To work on water and agriculture development.
6. To promote and develop sports & culture among youths.
7. To work on income and environment issues.
7. To increase reach and provide quality service to people.


S.N. Name
1. Awareness generation
2. Skill development
3. SHG Formation
4. Agriculture
5. Income generation
6. Health
7. Environment
7. Sports

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Annual Report

Annual Report 2019-2020

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BLKS Annual Report 2018-2019

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